Thursday, October 15, 2009

adrians making friends everywhere he his dad!

Took AD to the Dr. today, hoping this medicine will clear up his cough!!! (and not make him aggressive like the last one!!)

Tonight we are going to Steve's for PawPaws bday. We have a fun weekend ahead of us!! Gonna go look at the Ft Worth stockyards to check it out and consider it for Matt n Kathys wedding reception. Saturday we have a birthday party and dinner at the Hall's. Cant wait to see Christines new house!! On sunday were going to the Arboretum....pumkins galore!!!! gonna take tons of cute pics!

Cute story for the day: At the drs office adrian and a little mexican boy were having soooo much fun playing together! the funny part was that the other little boy spoke only spanish, and adrian only english. and both of them had a limited vocab, but they played and laughed and that never phased them! i loved it. also, adrian did an awesome job listening to me when i asked him to do/not do something AND he did so good when the dr checked him out. Way to go BooBoo!!!

Memory time: Speaking of birthdays, we gave pop a quilt for his last birthday, 68 years old. It has hand/foot prints of all the grandkids and words describing his character. He loved it! One day i was at the house and was really cold so i went to grab a blanket(the quilt) and he goes "uhhhh...why dont u use another one." ha! how funny, i think he wanted to keep his quilt in good condition. Love you pops! Mamas keeping it nice for you :)

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