Sunday, October 11, 2009

how do you start one of these things?

They're pretty intimidating. But, I guess Ill just write my thoughts, and not worry about anything else...To sum up my life right now, I'd say its super busy and kind of on pause. I have ad and chicky running around all day playing, learning and needing lots of my attention. Ive got a house, small house, that i am just learning how to decorate and attempt to keep up. Oh! and lets not forget M! He works full time, goes to school full time and is pretty much devoted to me, the kids and football when hes not working on the other two. So, Im here in ennis, away from my precious family(mom and sisters), with my precious family! The reason i said my life is on pause is because im not done with school, and currently wouldnt be able to fit it into my little family's schedule. I plan to finish...but what will i study???? To Be Continued....

So anyways, its been one month and 2 days since my papa passed away. I miss him. So. Much. I know all of the things people say like: hes in heaven now, he isnt suffering, he is watching over us...but is it bad that i just want him here with us, healthy? its like ok, pop. come back from your trip and take care of us again.

Lately it all comes back to pop...for me anyways...

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  1. so glad that you started this. i think it will be good for both of us. this totally made me cry...i miss pop so much too. i cried like a baby for a very long time last night. i just can't believe this is forever. And just so you all comes back to pop for me too. Papasito...I sure do miss that crazy man!

    Love you and can't wait to read more!